Desconstruindo o Pop! Playlist 10 - 'No one gets hurt. You're doing nothing wrong'

Desconstruindo o Pop! Playlist 10 - Edição especial; 'No one gets hurt... You're doing nothing wrong'


1. 'Glass', Gang of Four
2. 'Better Things', Ray Davies & Bruce Springsteen
3. 'I Want You To Know', Dinosaur Jr.
4. 'Please Take', Wire
5. 'The Dog Catcher', The Jaguars
6. 'Perfect Day (Acoustic Demo)', Lou Reed
7. 'Uncle Remus', Frank Zappa & The Mothers Of Invention
8. 'Cut Me Some Slack (Live)' Paul McCartney & Nirvana
9. 'Long Flowing Robe', Todd Rundgren
10. 'Knockin' on Heaven's Door', Bob Dylan
11. 'Society', Jeyy Hannan
12. 'Little Wing (Live)', Jimi Hendrix
13. 'Bad News Travel Fast', The Fuzztones
14. 'I am The Cosmos', Chris Bell
15. 'Sister Rosetta', Robert Plant & Alison Krauss
16. 'Dreaming of You', The Coral
17. 'Big White Cloud', John Cale
18. 'Gloria (Live)', Them
19. 'No Big Thing', Holly Golightly
20. 'Sparkling Day', Elvis Costello

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